Test Your IQ - Free Online I.Q. Test


Do you wonder what your IQ is? Take our online I.Q. test to see if you're really smart! Do you have a high IQ or low IQ? Find out!

  1. A Granola Nerd" - If these letters are rearranged, they create the name of which political figure?

  2. These numbers follow a pattern. 5, 10, 3, 8, 1. What comes next?

  3. Dome is to Mountain as Redwood is to _____?

  4. One of these things doesn't belong. Which is it?

  5. Interpretation of IQ scores can vary because of gender. To see if gender and IQ are related, please indicate whether you are male or female.

  6. Which word fits in the blank in this sequence: water, paperclip, business cards, ____, computer

  7. 7G, 10J, 13M, 16P, 19S. Which letter comes next in this sequence?