Dumb Videos

Check out our dumb videos of dumb people getting hurt, embarrassed, and more. We have lots of funny dumb videos that will make you laugh!


  • Watch this dumb game show moment if you want to laugh...what is he doing? Can you tell? The host and the contestant are laughing to hard to talk! So funny!
  • Funny dumb video. Dumb kid gets tripped by tuba player. Guess the dumb kid shouldn't have run through the marching band! Dumb kid zero, tuba player one!
  • The twinkie is supposed to be the thing the dumb lineman is protecting, but Will Ferrell wants the twinkie really badly! Check out this funny, dumb video.
  • This dumb biker pops a wheelie and loses his girlfriend. Yet another example of what happens when dumb people try to look cool!
  • Of the many dumb wii accidents that are recorded, this dumb wii kid is one of the funniest! Why don't people use the wrist strap on the wii mote? So funny.
  • Check out even more dumb stuff that's even more dumber
  • This is a mean prank, but it's this dumb guy's own fault for falling asleep at the party! Watch as the sleeping guy gets a really dumb haircut.
  • Great dumb funny video. These dumb idiots fall off motorcycles, bikes, and even a skate ramp. Which one wins the idiot award?
  • Have you ever seen a cat that likes to be vacuumed? Not just play with the vacuum, this dumb cat is being vacuumed by its owner!
  • Check out this dumb tourist as she takes a bad spill on her vacation. She might need a second vacation after the spill that she takes here! Dumb tourist.
  • A dumb reporter tries to time a sled race while standing at the bottom of the hill. He gets owned by a sled as a result of his dumb decision.
  • Spaghetti cat appears out of nowhere! Is this a prank? No one knows where the funny spaghetti cat came from in this dumb video!
  • Very funny video. This dumb person walks up to a treadmill and just falls right off. The dumbest part is that he/she tapes the fall then gets right up!